On 22. Aug 2018 05:01 katemat wrote at date:

It is very useful

On 24. Jul 2018 14:56 Jamie wrote at unserialize:

I appreciate this unserialize tool. It has been very helpful to me to debug a very complex file. Thanks!

On 31. May 2018 08:16 nenek kebayan wrote at unserialize:

this tool is useful

On 17. Apr 2018 11:39 MasteredMonkey wrote at unserialize:

Thanks for useful tool.

On 01. Mar 2018 17:40 ljbrown wrote at unserialize:

Thanks so much for sharing this excellent tool. Quick. Easy. Instructive!

On 26. Feb 2018 14:47 Need Help wrote at unserialize:

Please add copy array functionalities ...

On 10. Feb 2018 09:32 Social Notcy wrote at shuffle:

Thank you for sharing these useful tools.You saved me a days of hassle!!!!

On 28. Dec 2017 14:32 Anna wrote at substr:

Nice tool which clear my logic. I have also contributed in this topic, you would like it.

On 15. Dec 2017 14:24 Land wrote at html_entity_decode:

It cannot convert ' into '

On 16. Nov 2017 10:02 Charles Njau wrote at json_decode:

This such a great tool for testing good work mate