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On 25. Jun 2014 16:44 Rasmus wrote:

@Mejicano, I use to test new regex expressions. They've a newer version in javascript, but it doesn't support lookbehinds.

On 29. Feb 2012 09:45 Mejicano wrote:

Is there any tool that may help me easily create regex to use with preg_match_all, some kind of designer? I frequently need to use preg_match_all and I'm not that good, I'm not a programmer either. Or at least a link where I could learn advaced stuff in a easy way. Thank you

On 13. Feb 2012 19:22 butzi wrote:

@sheila: to find the date in a string, you can use this: @([a-zA-Z]{3}/[0-9]{1,2}/[0-9]{1,2})@ to find the parts of the date you can use this: @([a-zA-Z]{3})/([0-9]{1,2})/([0-9]{1,2})@

On 08. Feb 2012 21:52 sheila wrote:

I am not able to find a right pattern for a date like: Feb/8/2012. Can anyone tell me how should it be?

On 10. Oct 2011 16:34 Tony wrote:

When a slash is met, your script doubles the slash, leaving some specific cases buggy. Tested with pattern /"(([^"]|\\")*)"/ and subject "test1,test2" ,"261771494\"543256","hereismytest.tpl", "true"

On 06. Oct 2011 12:49 DamienWilson wrote:

Excellent site and an excellent service! Thank you :o)